Recent Work

Identify. Secure. Extract.


Bucketheads is an award winning Star Wars Fan Short that blurs the line between good and evil. Though their leaders may be corrupt, who exactly are these warriors under the Imperial armor?

Marco and Andy co-wrote, produced, and directed this incredibly high quality Star Wars fan film. The project has amassed over 750,000 views on YouTube as of May 2019 and won over 10 prizes in numerous international film festivals.

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Is your fate being framed?


A Calling is a noir thriller about a man trying to get to the bottom of recent killing spree surrounding his home. 

Transmute Pictures provided the visuals for this mysterious short film.

Redemption has a price.


Stick & Move is the tragedy of an ex-junkie MMA fighter who is faced with the most difficult decision of his life - redemption and honor, or fealty to the criminal underworld. 

The film features UFC Lightweight fighter Kajan Johnson.


Transmute Pictures provided the visuals for this moody boxing drama.


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Bordered is the story of a US Border Patrol Officer that apprehends two refugees fleeing the US into Canada. In the aftermath the ex-soldier struggles against his duty and his haunted past.

Transmute Pictures co-produced this 2018 winning Crazy 8's film.

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The Desolation Prize is a Gothic Horror story set in a sleepy Canadian town. When Bobbi takes home a one-night-stand's sweater, she soon finds herself haunted by a ghostly presence. Over the course of a day, Bobbi's reality is turned upside down as she is drawn further into a spectral realm.

Transmute Pictures co-produced the project and crafted the look of the film as DPs.